Ultra Concentrate Kitchen Cleaner Powder – Starter Set

Box Content: 2 pcs. Kitchen Cleaner Sachets (40 gr. each), 750 ml. Refillable Spray Bottle, and 1 pcs. Dishwasher Cleaner Sachet.


One sachet (40 gr.) of Oil Remover Ultra Concentrated Kitchen Cleaner contains 750 ml. of liquid cleaner. Its plant-based formula is made with natural raw materials. It is recommended to use it in Spray Refill bottles with foam spray heads.

Natural and non-toxic, effective and powerful, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, vegan, odorless, dye-free, phosphate-free, and SLS-free. Dermatologically tested. It is produced with environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems. Each sachet uses 99% less plastic compared to the equivalent single use plastic bottle.


Miel Powder Kitchen Cleaner (40 gr.) effectively cleans oil and dirt on surfaces such as kitchen countertops, airfryers, stoves, ovens, hood aspirators, faucets, sinks, and kitchen cabinets. It is suitable and effective for cleaning hood filters, taps, marble, tile, ceramic surfaces, wooden surfaces, and steel surfaces.


It has a foam form and is recommended for use in bottles with a foam spray head.

Colorless and odorless

It is a natural product with a plant-based formula. It is dermatologically tested and Vegan Certified.

It does not contain toxic ingredients such as parabens, phosphates, essential oils, alcohol, or chlorine.

It is economical, does not take up space, and is environment- and health-friendly.

It provides maximum effect at minimum cost compared to liquid products.

It has high performance.


Open the Miel Powder Kitchen Cleaner Powder Sachet and pour it into an empty 750 ml. spray bottle.

Then add water slowly.

Close the lid and shake a few times.

It will dissolve in water and be ready for use within 4-5 minutes.

After the solution is completely dissolved, spray it on the dirtiest surface and wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. For brighter results, wipe the surface with a dry cloth after rinsing.

For more effective results on difficult and stubborn dirt, wait a few minutes before wiping.


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